Secrets Revealed: 3 Myths of Romance

If I were to divulge secrets to dating success, I would identify common errors to help young couples have a greater chance of letting true romance develop. So that your romantic moments can bloom unhindered, here are those ugly myths that sometimes get in the way.

1. It should be just like in the movies

It’s never just like in the movies. A lot of times, it’s better in real life. You’ve heard that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. There are plenty of real life romances that weren’t planned out properly nor were they well-financed, but they lasted a long time and had plenty of quality moments. It’s not about the ambiance. Romance happens wherever two people let the moment develop. Be original.

2. You’ll know right away if you’re right for each other

Whether you took it in high school or not, chemistry is important. If a man and woman are right for each other, they are aware of each other whether they show it or not. However, some girls get the "tummy butterflies" when a celebrity is near. Having butterflies doesn’t mean you’re meant for each other. It took my husband a long time to realize we were right for each other. I didn’t plan on dating him either when we first met, but then again we met in junior high. We spent several years developing a great friendship. By the time we started dating, we both knew it would last.

3. Wining and dining is always best

Find some way to make the first date memorable. Do or say something unique to kill the temptation to be lazy. Don’t be boring. Picnics can either be cliché if you don’t add your own personality and talents in the preparation, or they can be a genius idea for a date. There are thousands of brilliant date ideas that don’t even involve food. Romantic moments are only successful when you put your heart into it.

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