Without Reservations, 1946

Claudette Colbert is Christopher “Kit” Madden, a novelist traveling to Hollywood to help get her story made into a movie. First she has to help get the male lead cast. She has ideas about who the hero should be, but getting the guy to Hollywood may take some unusual effort.

On the train ride home, two soldiers, Rusty (John Wayne) and Dink (Don DeFore), sit with Kit. She puts her book away and distances herself from the fame that follows her. Since Rusty thinks the author of the book is a male, he feels free in giving his opinion of the very popular book. He basically tells her he doesn’t like the book, isn’t interested in the character she wrote, and has a certain dislike for the author, without realizing she is the author.

On the train, they a meet Connie Callaghan, played by Anne Triola. She created a lively mood whenever she was onscreen. Kit and Connie meet up a few times during the movie.

Rusty, Dink, and Kit find conflict all the way home and after they get to California. I loved the Cary Grant cameo. This is probably the only time John Wayne and Cary Grant did a movie together.

Don DeFore (Dink) played George Baxter from the 1960s TV show “Hazel”. I won’t tell whether I remember lying on the rug in front of our TV watching this show because that might give away my age.

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