Illegal, 1955

Edward G. Robinson stars as Victor Scott in a courtroom suspense film that has bodies dropping from beginning to end. Victor Scott is a District Attorney who knows how to get a conviction. When he convicts an innocent man, his career turns around the wrong direction. He begins a career as a defense attorney and uses every clever cell in his brain to win cases. When he gets caught up in a forced relationship with a mob boss, he has to outthink both outlaws and the current DA.

Jayne Mansfield plays Angel O’Hara, a pretty blonde who finds herself mixed up with the wrong people and becomes a key witness in a trial.

Nina Foch’s role as Ellen Miles is made of elastic for all the stretching, twisting and turning in her character’s plot path. The poor woman can’t get a date with a decent man. She carries a torch for a man she can’t have and marries a man she shouldn’t have. But of all the men in her life, she knows there is one who will never let her down.

This film shows many sides of Victor Scott, which proves Robinson’s acting is superb. I enjoyed the suspense because trouble seemed to snowball at every turn.

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