Adam's Rib, 1949

Professional and home life intersect and cause trouble for The Bonners. Both lawyers, they take on opposite sides of a case involving a woman who shot her husband. Amanda wants to stand up for women everywhere, so she pulls out all the stops to win her case. How will the courtroom arguments affect their domestic bliss?

With Katharine Hepburn as defense attorney Amanda Bonner and Judy Holliday as client Mrs. Attinger, the men never had a chance. Spencer Tracy, as Adam Bonner, brings life to the ending with a surprise twist.

This is only the second credited film for Judy Holliday. She gave a fabulous performance, but the next year she gave a Best Actress Oscar-winning performance in Born Yesterday in a role she originated on Broadway.

George Cukor directed this as well as nine other Hepburn films. He directed four other Judy Holiday films. Ruth Gordon and her husband Garson Kanin wrote the screenplay. They also wrote The Marrying Kind starring Judy Holiday and Pat and Mike starring Hepburn.