Born Yesterday, 1950

Judy Holliday plays Billie Dawn, a dumb blonde who isn’t dumb at all. Her millionaire boyfriend Harry treats her like dirt and even slaps her, but in his quest to surround himself with the best, he makes one mistake. He hires Paul (William Holden) to educate his girlfriend Billie so she won’t sound so dumb when he introduces her to people.

Paul and Billie take this education opportunity seriously and in their time together, they fall in love. Paul educates Billie well enough that she’s able to see what’s going on behind the scenes with Harry and his lawyer. And she’s smart enough to do something about it.

Judy Holliday’s performance gives hope to people who want to have an impact on their surroundings. Billie shows that the opinions of others don’t matter if you are determined to rise above them. Believe those who believe in you.