Need a Revelation?

Join me this weekend for my review of a movie about a woman who gets a revelation. In the movie she doesn’t recognize that God is with her to get her out of the trouble she’s in. However if you see yourself in the same kind of predicament she was in, you should know that God knows how to give you new ideas to help you climb out of your hole. God can reveal things to you about yourself and your situation. He can change your life.

In the movie, the woman receives motivation to learn new things. If you’ve been told you can’t do anything right, listen for God to whisper into your heart His words of love, “You have gifts. You can learn new things. You can achieve success.”

Today on Seek God With Me, I’m enjoying the fact that God loves to reveal himself to those who are interested in getting to know him better. Open the eyes of your heart and seek God with me.