All Through the Night by Davis Bunn

Wayne’s past in Afghanistan only partly prepared him for his second chance at life, the fight he never expected to be confronted with. Analytical skills and muscles weren’t all he’d need for the work he faced. He’d need prayer too.

After a group of retired people get scammed out of all of their money, they need a hero. Wayne takes on the job of returning what they lost. But he finds that to be only the beginning of an enormous maze of questions all tied to CEO Easton Grey.

Tatyana and her red Ferrari capture Wayne’s attention easily. She works closely with Mr. Grey and needs Wayne’s help in shutting down the mysterious darkness threatening them all.

Wayne’s group of friends grows to include a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. They all believe Wayne can right the wrongs, but can he actually fix the problem? Not without a lot of help.

God is a big part of Davis Bunn’s story of righteousness triumphing over swindlers. The suspense kept me interested, but the characters kept me connected. This book showed that you can be more than who you were.