Summertime for Writers

Summer is finally here! Hooray! Now I can relax.

No, actually, I can't relax just yet. I have blog posts to write.

I took some time off from the world of blog posts so I could spend a little more time in the world of parenting. It's important for parents to live in the moment while their kids are still young. In a few short years from now, my kids will be on their own. If I miss this time with them, I'll regret it.

Next week, I'm starting up my reviews and devotions again. Some months will be jam-packed with blog posts, and others will be sparsely populated with posts.

The important thing is ...I'm still writing.

God gave me the desire to write. It's a gift. He expects me to develop my gifts and allow them time to mature into something beautiful. My mom is a piano teacher who insists that her students practice between lessons. As a writer, I continue practicing my craft, hoping that when my time comes to publish a novel, my gifts will be ready. Practice makes publishable.

Yes, my kids will always come before writing. But now that they're on less of a schedule, I have a little more time for me.

Yay! Summer!