Pot O' Gold, 1941

James Stewart plays James (Jimmy) Hamilton Haskell, the owner of a failing music shop who must accept help from his uncle. Jimmy’s Uncle Charlie owns a big factory in the city, but country boy Jimmy doesn’t really want to be a part of it. Uncle Charlie wants to hire him and help him flee the small town.

Paulette Goddard plays Molly McCorkle who sings with a new band that rehearses on the roof of their apartment building, which happens to be located next door to Uncle Charlie’s factory. Since Uncle Charlie is known for being a music hater, neighbors encourage the band and oppose Uncle Charlie’s attempts at shutting down the music.

When Jimmy mistakenly is hauled off to jail, he adds his harmonica to the lovely voices of his cell-mates. Don’t all jail cells house criminals with lovely voices? (James Stewart’s harmonica playing was dubbed by two musicians.) Uncle Charlie is surprised when he sees Jimmy in jail. The mix up is settled, and since her mom offered to put him in one of their rooms for rent, Jimmy has more time to spend with Molly.

Jimmy sorts through one tangle after another until Uncle Charlie’s worst fears come to pass. Then Uncle Charlie finds out that it isn’t in his best interests to be so stubbornly against music.

I love the down-home sweetness in the characters James Stewart plays. This character is so lovable that he doesn’t really have any enemies. However, if there had been another eligible girl in the show, there would’ve been real trouble.

In the beginning of the movie, the music shop features the music of a couple of children. One very young girl plays the piano like she’s been a professional her whole life. The little boy plays the trombone like he’s been playing in big bands for years. Eye-opening talent.

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