Second Chance at Life 1

Maybe we should create a Glad I Didn’t list instead of a To Do list. We all get overwhelmed by all of the things we feel like doing, should do, or have to do. We list everything in those three categories and then sort them to make a short list that can be done. Even with our good intentions, our short lists turn out to be a little too long. But saying no is good for us, whether we like the word or not.

If you need a break from all the non-stop going, then sit and make notes about all the things that you could’ve done and glad you didn’t. You didn’t do some things that would’ve turned out very bad. The Glad I Didn’t list can help us deal with our Wish I Had list.

Or maybe we should pick something important from our Wish I Had list and do it. It’s like getting a second chance to do something that should’ve been done ages ago.

We all need our second chances. Give yourself a second chance to do something that you could’ve done, but didn’t because it wasn’t the right timing.

Throughout December, I’ll be sharing ideas about second chances. Join me at Seek God With Me for a look at people who were grateful for their second chance. Today, I’m reading in the book of John. Find out who has never had a Wish I Had list.

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