All Night Long, 1962

Based on Shakespeare’s Othello, this is a story of racism, jealousy, betrayal, and love. Othello’s themes are transformed into the 1960’s setting and music.

This music-filled film stars Patrick McGoohan as Johnny Cousin (cue the bad guy music), Betsy Blair as Emily, Paul Harris as Aurelius Rex, Marti Stevens as Delia Lane, and Richard Attenborough as Rod Hamilton the host of the party. Many excellent jazz musicians were featured as themselves: Dave Brubeck, John Dankworth, Charles Mingus, and Tubby Hayes among others.

Crazy good music in this film. The musicians come together to play for each other rather than for a ticket-holding audience. Pure fun.

Geoffrey Holder, a dancer famous for many things such as winning a Tony award for directing The Wiz on Broadway and his 7-Up TV commercials, appeared as himself in this movie.

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