Clothes That Fit

Skin is a funny thing. It’s designed to protect your vital organs and muscles. You don’t put it on and take it off or shop for a bigger size. If you take care of it, it’ll fit perfectly for as long as you need it.

A relationship with God is like that. God can surround you, protect you, and cover you in such a way that his presence can be seen when others look at you. If you take care of your relationship with God, you’ll have it forever. And you’ll never grow out of it.

If you are humble about the beauty of your relationship with God, it’s like a beautiful woman with smooth, glowing, healthy skin. She doesn’t have to tell people she has great skin. It’s noticeable.

When you find clothes that fit as if they were a second skin, they’re comfortable. They give you freedom of movement and maintain privacy. They make you feel secure.

This weekend, I’ll review a movie that shows how a relationship, when two people work at it, can grow with you and bloom into something beautiful. There is freedom and security in a good relationship. The hero changes from selfish to selfless and gets rewarded for it with a relationship that will fit perfectly as long as he works at it.

Last week on my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, we saw that it’s a waste of time to put on armor that doesn’t fit. This week I’ll take a look at garments that always fit. Join me.

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