Sabrina, 1954

Linus, the more responsible of the two Larrabee brothers, is in the middle of working out a Larrabee-Tyson merger, a business deal with the family of the woman his brother will be marrying. David, the spoiled playboy brother, can’t seem to settle on one woman since they’re all so fascinating. So the fact that he’s agreed to marry is a big deal. When David sees the chauffeur’s daughter has come home from Paris a bit more grown-up than when she left, he hardly recognizes her. He also suddenly finds her more fascinating than his fiancĂ©. Linus must rescue the business deal, even if it means wooing her himself.

Being with David is what Sabrina wants, but something is wrong. She doesn’t fit into the family’s expectations of the kind of woman David should be with, especially since he’s already engaged. Being with Linus isn’t really what Sabrina wants, but he makes her feel comfortable and secure, for a little while.

Billy Wilder directed this popular film starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and William Holden. Although it received six Academy Award nominations, the only one taking home an Oscar for this film was Edith Head (Best Costume Design, Black and White). Head excels at making elegant suits for men and beautiful gowns for women, but French designer Givenchy made Hepburn’s gowns. It made sense because her character had been in Paris for two years.

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