The Mad Miss Manton, 1938

Millionairess Manton finds a dead body. A pack of young ladies find clues they hope will lead them to the killer. Newspaper editor Peter Ames falls in love with a million dollars worth of trouble while trying to get the scoop on this case. She’s in trouble with the law, the newspaper editor, and a killer. How close will she get to the truth before she becomes the next victim?

Barbara Stanwyck takes on the title role in this loveable, funny mystery. Henry Fonda is in this and two later films with Stanwyck, all comedies. They worked well together. Hattie McDaniel is the maid, Hilda, who is far from invisible like some movie maids.

Since it’s a comedy, you know her girlfriends won’t all be shot to death, and you know the heroine won’t be shot to death. But there were plenty of opportunities for the bad guy to get away with murder.

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