A Powerful Female Merchant

How many of us have had the boldness to push the boundaries of what was normal? Have we stepped out and challenged people to act according to their faith?

When a friend asked me to pray for her healing, I saw it as a challenge. I’d prayed for others, but this was a new opportunity for me. I’d never prayed for a pastor’s wife before. Not with her standing there waiting on me to start praying. Was my faith big enough for that?

I remembered that God was the one being challenged, not me. I wasn’t able to heal anyone, but God heals people all the time. My friend’s boldness caused me to confirm to her that God’s love is big enough and powerful enough even through my prayers. He is enough.

In the Bible, a woman named Lydia issued a challenge which caused people to take a look at their faith. She was a seller of purple cloth, and knew how to push the boundaries.

Join me at Seek God With Me for more about Lydia, the bold merchant who loved God. If you like shaking things up a bit, you’ll love Lydia.

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