Reckless, 1935

Ned Riley, played by William Powell, has taken a two-bit dancer and made her a star. Now that she has the attention of a millionaire, will she jump at the chance to live in real luxury?

Jean Harlow, who plays Mona Leslie, had some great scenes with Rosiland Russell, who plays Jo Mercer, Harrison’s ex-fiance. Franchot Tone plays wealthy Bob Harrison so well, I didn’t see the ending coming.

I enjoyed the performances. I believed Harlow’s performance of a good-hearted woman in love with a reckless millionaire. I believed her pain and tenacity afterward.

It was interesting to see the inimitable Mickey Rooney playing Eddie, a little boy who helps Riley out. Of course, I always love William Powell’s characters. He makes them real and gives them a sense of humor.

Victor Fleming, who directed Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz, also directed this film.

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