Destination Murder, 1950

Joyce MacKenzie plays Laura Mansfield, the daughter of a man murdered at his own doorstep. She saw the killer leave, but it was dark and she only saw his back. How will she make sure the police get the right man? Will there be more killing? Who will live to tell about it?

Stanley Clements plays Jackie Wales who thinks he can tell the big boys what to do. He got paid for doing the dirty work, but that money ran out and now he needs more. When he starts dating the daughter of the man he killed, he thinks he can play with fire without getting burned.

Albert Dekker and Hurd Hatfield play the two top bad guys. Each one wants to be the most powerful. Each one uses women in their scheming.

With better dialogue, this could’ve been a much better film. As it is, there are unexpected twists that keep the audience interested. The film noir attitude and the use of music in the film are right in line with the evil smirk on the bad guys’ faces.

Franklyn Farnum had a small but very important role in the film. He was Laura’s father, the murder victim. He was a busy actor, appearing in 524 roles from 1916 to 1961. Many of his roles were uncredited, but his list of films includes hits such as Stagecoach 1939, Going My Way 1944, Sunset Blvd 1950, All About Eve 1950, and The Ten Commandments 1956.

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