He's Your Brother

The first murder in the Bible was one brother against another. Cain rose up in anger at his brother Abel, whose offering was accepted by the Lord while Cain’s was not.

Do you think that God has forgotten you? God was there to protect the one who committed the first murder. Certainly God can protect you too.

Check in at Seek God With Me and see what’s going on there. I’ll be sharing more about Cain today. But don’t worry, I always try to show the positive side of my topics.

Murder seems like an odd topic on a blog that tries to focus on life, love, and heroes. But when you watch a murder mystery on TV, you know the hero will find a way to catch the bad guys. There is always sunshine after the storm.

The movies I review this month will show a variety of heroines and heroes. They often learn things about others and let this new knowledge change them in some way. Hopefully, we all come out better on the other side of conflict.

Join me this month for a look at what desperate men will do.

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