Summer Reading, part three

Today, let’s look at Psalms 13 through 17. I like to read each one and summarize the parts that stand out to me. Which parts stand out to you?

Psalm 13 – Feeling like giving up? So did David when he wrote this one. Even though he was feeling blue, his trust in the Lord never quit. He never lost sight of the fact that God has been good to him.

Psalm 14 – God is checking us out to see if any of us are seeking him. He never leaves us, but it’s up to us to call on the Lord. The Lord is our refuge.

Psalm 15 – Do you need a To Do List? People who do the things listed here will stand firm. The Do and Don’t list is powerful. Do you keep your oaths, even when it hurts? Do you lend money to the poor without interest? The good news is that with God’s help, we can learn to do these things.

Psalm 16 – Like David, we can make a list of reasons to cherish our relationship with God. We can feel safe with God because he makes our lot secure, we have a delightful inheritance, he will not abandon us to the realm of the dead, and he makes known to us the path of life. God fills us with joy in his presence.

Psalm 17 – If you feel like you have a bull’s eye on your back, take heart because you’re not the first to be targeted by evildoers. David understood the need for vindication. The key to standing firm is to stand in the shadow of God’s wings where you can hide from the wicked. Rest in the fact that God will confront them and save you. When you call on God, be true to the path God has set before you. If your arrogant enemies surround you, take refuge in God.

Now grab your Bible and read these Psalms for yourself. Write your own summaries in your journal. Which of these Psalms is your favorite? Why?

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