Benefits of Believing

If Bobby said to Billy in the heat of summer, “I have an ice cream cone in my car. Do you want it?” Billy has to decide whether he trusts Bobby. If Billy is a stranger, he might not believe him. If Billy has deceived him before, he probably won’t believe him. If Bobby is a friend, but Billy knows the car has been in the hot sun for an hour, he might not believe him. If Billy’s mother said there was an ice cream cone in the car, Billy might run to the car in expectation of finding it.

You don’t believe earthly things? How will you believe spiritual things? This idea, as paraphrased from John 3:12, reminds us that we have to trust the messenger. Jesus taught about spiritual things in parables, which were pictures of natural, earthly things. Those who ignored the point of his earthly stories also didn’t get the spiritual point. We have to believe simple things before we can move on to more complex things.

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