The Girl Was Young, 1937

Alfred Hitchcock directed this suspenseful movie with a love story carefully layered in. Robert Tisdall discovers a dead actress and is accused of killing her. He must prove his innocence with the help of Erica, the police chief’s daughter.

A coat belt was found to be the murder weapon of the strangled woman. Tisdall was asked if he had a coat that could have had a belt like it, and, being honest, he admitted he did. Two girls claimed that they were the first to have found the dead woman when they saw him running away. He is arrested, but he escapes. For the rest of the movie, the young couple tries to gather the evidence Tisdall needs in order to clear his name.

The police chief’s daughter had a soft spot for the innocent man because she helped him when he fainted. When he came to, she was a welcome sight for him. The relationship developed over a short time, but their interested-yet-hesitant regard for each other made them charming to watch.

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