Frankenstein, 1931

Directed by James Whale, this classic horror movie shows mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein giving life to a monster created from different corpses. The monster, played by Boris Karloff, has personality, a strange innocence, surprising strength, and a rage that can’t be controlled. In some scenes, the monster makes the audience feel sorry for him. There's a look on his face that roars, "What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?" And then he kills someone.

Boris Karloff, listed as 5’11” on, was not taller than Colin Clive who played Dr. Frankenstein also at 5’11”. The costume, lifts, and padding gave him his monstrous size. 

There is a well-deserved fear in the community regarding the monster, but no one saw the monster’s tender side when he was with a little girl. Of course, the tender side only lasted a little while, but it was there. To me this demonstrates that everyone, even monstrous people, have it in them to show a little tenderness sometimes.

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