Laugh and Get Rich, 1931

Mrs. Austin must rent bedrooms to boarders to keep money coming in to pay bills. However, her kind-hearted, happy-go-lucky husband invests her money in everyone else’s projects. While the woman tries to keep her family afloat, her daughter is sought-after by two men: a young inventor and a charming liar.

Mrs. Austin, played by Edna May Oliver, reminds me of the Carol Burnett Show. Carol Burnett could’ve easily played this mother – and probably came very close in one of the many comedy sketches she was in.

Hugh Herbert is Mr. Austin. He’s always into something, a little odd, but likable. Russell Gleason is the very appealing inventor Larry Owens who’s sweet on Miss Austin.

I loved the party at Mrs. Austin’s sister’s house. There was a dance, and there was conflict. That scene added a good mixture of awkward, funny, uncomfortable, and sweet.

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