A Better Word

Here we are, mid-January, trying to set up new routines in order to fulfill new promises we make to ourselves. We get frustrated with our bodies because they don’t lie. They tell the secrets of our dessert-eating past. They make us and everyone else fully aware of our lack of fitness.

How are we going to be happy with ourselves in this new year?

We have to learn to let go.

God gave us Jesus so that we could learn to let go of what we’ve been in control of and accept what he’s in control of. God has a better handle on things than we do. By far. And we know it. But we still try to control our own lives with our feeble little plans.

Meanwhile, God waits for us to run to him.

So this year, let’s run.

Let’s run to Jesus since he’s made himself available for everyone. We can all rush forward to him and be accepted. We don’t have to drag our feet anymore through our old lives, trying to make things better on our own. Because of the blood of Jesus, we have a new life to be thankful for. New direction. Instead of hiding from God, we can run into his arms.

Run with me this year as we seek God together. Today on my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, I’m sharing about this new life that we have with Jesus. Thanks for joining me.



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