So Goes My Love, 1946

Myrna Loy plays Jane, a woman who is ready for a new life. She’s a smart, determined country girl on a mission to find a rich husband. Jane has a plan, but a neighbor foils her plan.

Don Ameche is Hiram Steven Maxim, a charming inventor who promises no fortune nor notoriety, but he succeeds in turning her head. Ameche plays this quirky character well. The matter-of-fact part of Maxim's personality doesn’t overwhelm his compassion.

The story, “A Genius in the Family”, was written by Hiram Percy Maxim. The screenplay credits go to Bruce Manning and Clifton James. The film doesn’t spend much time on specific inventions, but emphasizes the inventor’s family life instead. The happy ending shows that happiness requires patience and adjustment. Although we can easily identify with the characters, they’re certainly not a cookie-cutter family.

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