Which names come to your mind when you think of strong men?

On my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, I’ve shared the stories of David and Daniel, and now I’m presenting Joshua as one of the strong men who refused to sway with the ebb and flow of the crowd’s consensus. Joshua showed many times that he was an extraordinary man. He was able to show strength when he stepped away from the crowd and did what was right in spite of the other voices around him.

In Exodus 32:17 we read that Joshua wasn’t with the golden calf worshippers, but he thought the people sounded like war. In chapter fourteen of the book of Numbers, we read that Joshua and Caleb were the only two to give a good report about the land flowing with milk and honey; therefore, none of the explorers would return to that land, except Joshua and Caleb. Joshua knew to make up his own mind and follow God.

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