Faithless, 1932

A stubbornly spoiled rich girl, blind to the needs of others, finds herself in need of others after her money runs out. Her fiancé with a job had a great idea, but she didn’t want to live on his income. So she found ways of using her friends and faking her wealthy sameness. When she was humiliated enough to see her own condition, then she found out what her answer to the proposal should have been long ago while she was spoiled.

I didn’t think I’d like this movie. I was wrong. It held my attention, but not because the stars were Robert Montgomery and Talulah Bankhead. This movie is about a man who is stronger than he seems. This kind of man isn’t today’s normal Hollywood hero.

I saw the woman as someone who needed an education and got one. Robert Montgomery was brilliant. I have only seen him in three films, including this one, and he made me want to see him in more movies. The ending brought tears to my eyes. It’s a slap in the face to those who think they have everything figured out.

There isn’t a formula for life. This film shows how essential patience, forgiveness, mercy are in relationships.

Do you know the people you call “important”? Do you love them for the person they are - inside the skin? If you can see who the person is on the inside, let them know your hand is out to them to pull them up out of any difficulties they may face.

This is an important film for those who need to see the mercy of God in the people around them. There isn’t a lot of mention of God, but enough to be reminded that there was a time when movies didn’t use God’s name as an expletive.

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