The church is sometimes defined as a building, the whole body of Christians, or a group within Christianity. Therefore, the term “church workers” can only be interpreted by understanding its context. This month, I’m using the term to mean those who love and serve God by obeying him.

You and I cannot know if someone else is obeying God because God doesn’t check with us first before telling someone else what to do. We aren’t supposed to judge others, but we are supposed to help them.

Today at Seek God With Me, I am sharing the story of Jethro. We know he was a church worker because he was willing to help, rather than judge someone. He was a man who gave good leadership advice to someone who was trying to do too much on his own.

Some of us think we’re irreplaceable. We’re not. That’s a good thing. We show our wisdom when we learn from those who are wiser. We can learn to delegate responsibilities, which makes everyone happier. Check it out at Seek God With Me.

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