Strong Men: Daniel

This month at Seek God With Me, I’m sharing the stories of strong men. These men had one thing in common. What was their “one thing”? Their relationship with God. Can anyone tell that you want to be with God so much that you set aside time just so you can be alone with God? What are you willing to go through because you want to be with God that much?

Most people have heard about Daniel being thrown into the lions’ den. But few realize that the victory in the lions’ den was won decades earlier when he decided to stand firm in what he believed, whether anyone else believed in his God or not.

Daniel spent many years developing his integrity and faithfulness to God. His ability to accept challenges and rule with wisdom came out of his relationship with God. No one could find anything wrong with Daniel, so they hated him. Call it jealousy. Instead of learning from Daniel and gaining respect, they tried to destroy him. Only fools try to destroy what God builds up.

For more of Daniel’s story, join me at Seek God With Me. Our challenge is different than Daniel’s. We might never see a lions’ den, but we might see people who don’t understand our relationship with God. Check out my devotional blog and receive encouragement from Daniel.

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