Stronger Than Desire, 1939

How does a man stay patient with a wife when he thinks she may have been unfaithful to him? It takes great strength. Walter Pigeon and Virginia Bruce pair up as husband and wife in this film about a love that takes a beating. The title describes the kind of love that marriages must be built on.  

Pigeon plays Mr. Tyler Flagg, a great lawyer who defends people very well, even beautiful women, while staying faithful to his wife.

When Mrs. Elizabeth Flagg (Virginia Bruce) fell into the trap and set herself up to be an unwitting victim, I was talking to the TV as I watched. I couldn’t believe a woman who seemed to be smart could be so dumb. How many marriages have allowed mistakes to ruin what the couple had built together? How much forgiveness is too much to ask? Then when I saw how she dealt with her conscience later in the film, I realized that although she wasn’t as smart as she looked, she certainly had a heart. I think it was her heart that her husband fell for.  

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