Monkey Business, 1952

Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers pair up in this wacky comedy about a scientist who is trying to create a formula that will renew the youthfulness of adult bodies. Creating a scientific formula for the fountain of youth takes a lot of trial and error, mostly error. When a monkey breaks out of the cage and quickly pours chemicals into the lab’s water supply without anyone noticing, it seems the monkey is the smartest one in the room.

Cary Grant’s character is married, but under the influence of the “water” does things a twenty-year-old would do. He is paired with Marilyn Monroe who is excited by the young-acting scientist. Happily, Grant stays true to his lovely wife. When his wife finds out about his shenanigans, she’s unmistakably jealous, but controlled.

Directed by Howard Hawks, the film has enough surprises to keep the audience happy. The screenwriters took a story from Harry Segall and worked it into a suitable comedy showpiece for Cary Grant.  

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