Something Cold

Have you worked up a sweat in the yard or in the attic or doing a 5K run? Then you probably needed a cold glass of water when you were finished. Sometimes we need something cold.

If you live in the north, then you probably get tired of cold weather. Some people pack up and move south for the winter, just like birds. If you want to impact your community for the better, try to figure out a way to make something cold feel warm.

I’m doing that at Seek God With Me today. I hope to get our minds working on this challenge so we can urge each other on in our quest for warmth in a time of coldness – and I don’t mean the weather. I mean using warm smiles and handshakes to take the chill out of our greetings. I mean setting out to spring a warm surprise on others this winter.

How can you be someone’s hero and bring warmth to those around you? Join me at Seek God With Me.

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