It Happened on 5th Avenue, 1947

Mac, a homeless man, breaks into and stays in a millionaire’s home while the owners are wintering in the south. And with a warm heart, he opens it to guests in a cold season. However, Mac is unaware that one of the guests is the homeowner.

Victor Moore plays Mac, the homeless man who plans to spend the next several weeks in the boarded-up home of millionaire O’Connor while he's wintering in Virginia. O’Connor, played by Charles Ruggles, has Jim, played by Don DeFore, evicted from one of his  apartment buildings. Mac invites Jim to stay with him, and Jim invites in some of his friends who are also homeless. They all hide from the patrolmen who keep watch on Fifth Avenue.

Alan Hale Jr, of Gilligan’s Island fame, plays Whitey Temple, one of Jim’s guests. Another person staying in the millionaire’s home is Trudy. Since there is a post-war housing shortage, they let her stay. Jim and Trudy fall for each other, but he doesn’t know she’s the millionaire’s daughter.

Jim and friends design a housing project for Camp Kilson, a deserted army camp. They want to bid on the property and build the project there. O’Connor also has designs for Camp Kilson, but he wants to build a massive air cargo network. This film shows how the characters learn that people are more valuable than things.

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