Warm Hearts

Has there been a time when you regretted being cold to someone? Was someone cold to you and broke your heart?

God’s love is always warm.

I’m sharing a Bible verse today at Seek God With Me that may help us to take a step back and rethink our habits. Are we being cold to someone and not realizing it? Are we being lazy instead of loving?

I’m sure we’ve all had our moments of exasperation when we wanted to be more kind than we were. We all make mistakes. As a parent, I’ve been less than perfect. I want to show the love of God to my kids and still enforce firm guidelines for their conduct. There is a balance between ignoring the minor infractions and sticking to the rules. It’s a difficult dance for parents. But the warm love of God is always a welcome presence in any relationship. It’s how you melt the icy walls between people.

Join me at Seek God With Me for a look at how God helps us warm up.

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