The Princess Bride, 1987

The story of sword-fighting men rescuing a beautiful woman trapped in a tall tower is read by a grandfather to a boy too sick to play outside. I love that a popular movie is largely about this relationship. This grandson figures out by the end of the movie that his grandfather loves him enough to share an adventure that anyone can take just by opening a book.

The story being read is what most people remember because of the rhymes of the giant, the expert technique of the Spaniard, and the humility and enduring love of the farm boy.

Directed by Rob Reiner, this movie gives its many fans the ability to quote lines from Vizzini’s battle of wits or give marriage vows with a speech impediment. The popularity of this film makes me wonder how many people on this planet have introduced themselves as Inigo Montoya.

The teamwork depicted in this movie is inspiring. None of the hero’s teammates would’ve been able to find their success without the others. This is the perfect movie to inspire your team to empower the group’s success by using their individual gifts.  

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