Strength for Today

Like everyone else, I have a lot to do. I must prioritize if I plan to get the important things done. But sometimes, I lack the motivation to do the things that need doing. I need a strong hand giving me a gentle push in the right direction.

That hand is God. According to Psalm 28, He is the strength of His people. He will help if I call on Him, but He won't do my work for me.

When I get the blahs I can curl up in my Heavenly Father's lap and complain away. When I've finished, I can look into those loving eyes and know that I still have to do my own work.

He's always there for me. He won't let me get by with doing less than my best just because I flash a smile at Him. He watches over me, just like my earthly father did when I had to clean my room.

Sometimes I need strength for today. God comforts, heals, and motivates me to press on. Although many people have greater needs than I do and I have been blessed greatly by God, I still need to be wrapped in His arms and let Him carry me from time to time.

We all have much to do so I will pray the last verse of Psalm 28 for all of us. "Save your people and bless your inheritance; be their shepherd and carry them forever."

God, I thank You for Your abundant love for all of us and for giving each of us strength for today.

Who are you?

I am a writer.

Part of what I write is determined by who I am. If I had a medical background, I might add nurses and doctors to my stories. Many writers add the atmosphere of their day job to their stories. They are simply following the instruction to "write what you know".

My stories will have characters who already have a relationship with God and characters who don't. I know God wants to draw us all closer to Him.

Many of my characters will attempt to do something that seems good, but they will fail. We all fail at times. We all strive to make our own lives happier, but we don't always go down the right road. The road to success may take a turn here or there, but if we stay on the road - no matter what it looks like - we will eventually get there. I know persistent obedience works.

Sometimes, it isn't the road that is taking the turns. It is we who are turning. Jesus told us the road that leads to life is narrow. If we step off the road, there is mercy. God wants us to stay on that narrow road for our own good. I know God's guidance helps me to walk straight.

I am also a parent. Through my relationship with my children, God has taught me many things about my relationship with Him. God is my Heavenly Father and I am His child. When I look at my children, I see through the eyes of love. I don't see a face covered in chocolate, I see beauty. When I see a broken crayon on the window sill and lines of color on the window and window sill and wallpaper, I am willing to show mercy. I know that's how God sees me.

He shows mercy when I confess sin. He sees beauty when I'm a mess. He sees me through the eyes of love and reminds me that His love is everlasting. I am a writer and parent and child of God. I am who God has created me to be. And I will write what I know.