Seek God With Me

I have a blog that shares a weekly devotional on the subject of seeking God. It's called Seek God With Me. A reasonable title, wouldn't you say?

Since my web site's theme is To Know Christ, this blog is in agreement that in order to know Christ, you have to seek Him. Some posts are focused on our part of the seeking and others are focused on God's response.

Today's scripture is taken from the Psalms. I could've used other verses that deal with visions. And I may later on. But what stopped me as I read through that section of verses was the thought that I'd rather receive direction than correction from God - whatever form the communication takes.

ACFW Conference

I've attended the ACFW Conference for the past two years and have enjoyed what it's done for my writing.

It seems when I hang out with multi-published authors, I become quite reserved and shy. It might be best that I don't say too much. I'm the inexperienced one.

Even though I don't feel comfortable mentoring other writers, I'm not treated as a beginner. At the ACFW conferences I attended, I was shown mercy, kindness, and respect. I was given friendship and advice.

The people are amazing, and the workshops are truly worth the expense and effort. I took notes and bought recordings of some workshops I couldn't attend.

This year's continuing classes are divided according to genre. I'll be in a class with others who share my interests in a more specific way. Last year was my first year to attend the Late Night Chats. I'll stay up this year to do that again.

I didn't attend last year's Early Bird class, but I did sign up this time. This year's class will be taught by Margie Lawson. I took her online course last fall and blogged about how good it was.

I'm so excited! I can't wait for September. My critique partner will be there too. Hooray!

Domino Club

I posted again on my Domino Club blog. The topic is mentoring. You'll have to go check it out.

Do you mentor others? Many people do. Some mentor others without realizing that's what they're doing. Most who take someone under their wing to train and nurture a skill are dedicated and generous with their time. So generous, in fact, that some mentors have to set limits so they're not unintentionally taken advantage of.

Today, I salute my mentor and others like her who dare to care about others.

David is a Hero

Read 1Samuel 17:1-54

The story of David and Goliath is well-known. Goliath was over nine feet tall and had been a fighting man since his youth. David was a shepherd boy. Goliath taunted the army of Israel, but no one was willing to fight him – until David came along.

He heard the shouts of the giant and asked about the reward for shutting him down. He was amazed that they had allowed this giant to continue defying the armies of the living God.

King Saul heard about David and sent for him. David told the king to relax, that he would fight that giant. Of course, Saul didn’t believe that David could do it.

So David explained that he wasn’t exactly inexperienced. Verse 36: “Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, because he has defied the armies of the living God.”

David not only fought Goliath, he also killed him. Not only killed him, but killed him with a stone. Not only killed him with a stone, but wasn’t wearing any protection. No armor. No shield. No other weapons. Just a stone in a sling. Not only did David kill him with a stone, he cut off Goliath’s head with the giant’s own sword.

David is a hero because of his unquenchable bravery.

Heroic Blue Man Group

Creative, driven, vulnerable, smart. Four of my favorite ten heroic qualities. All of these four are displayed in the performances of Blue Man Group.

I haven’t seen their show in a theater, only on TV. So I know those of you who have seen them perform live (not on TV) are shaking your heads in pity at me. Don’t worry. I plan to get tickets to one of the performances so I can experience it for myself. But the performance I saw on TV was enough to get me and my son drumming to their music on our carpet.

Surprising audiences everywhere with their twists on a new idea, they ooze creativity under the blue masks. I would’ve never thought to configure the strings on a piano to specific chord arrangements that would sound good when hit with a huge hammer.

The group has been around awhile which leads me to believe they are neither an overnight success nor a one hit wonder. They are driven to keep coming up with new shows. They are driven to achieve new levels of creativity, combining music, drama, art, and science.

Some of their antics show the three men as outsiders looking in on our culture, and at times one of the men is an outsider to the other two. It takes a certain vulnerability to allow yourself to be yourself when you could just fall in line with the group.

And they are smart. A brief clip on the TV showed the Rock Concert tip #237, an overly intellectualized explanation of what the audience had just witnessed, but hilarious. Hilarious.

No, I won’t put the Blue Man Group as a hero in any of my stories, but I do find them heroic in terms of displaying heroic qualities in their performances.

And until I get to be in the theater with them, I’ll drum wildly on the carpet with my son.