Fort Apache, 1948

John Ford directed this movie about how wars make heroes out of stubborn commanding officers. The decisions made by Lt Col Thursday leave an indelible impression. Unhappy to be at Fort Apache to begin with, he gains control of his command by making some subordinates bend to his orders, rather than him bending to their advice. Poor Miss Thursday gets caught up in the crossfire between her father and others.

Shirley Temple, at this time a twenty-year-old new mom, played a very loving Philadelphia Thursday. John Agar, who married Shirley Temple in 1945, played 2nd Lt Michael Shannon O’Rourke. What a coincidence to see them paired up on film.

John Wayne and Henry Fonda were often in John Ford movies. In this one, they play against each other with Fonda taking the role of the arrogant and unteachable Lt Col Owen Thursday. Both actors gave emotional performances that made the story of a self-destructive leader watchable.

Ward Bond was Sgt Maj Michael O’Rourke. Bond started acting because he used to play football with John Wayne. He was in some John Wayne movies, some Henry Fonda movies, and was often directed by John Ford. He was a supporting actor in many well-known movies like Gone With The Wind, The Grapes of Wrath, The Maltese Falcon, and Mister Roberts.

Obedient and Loving

This month, I’ve been sharing different ways we can be like Jesus as seen in John 14:9-15. If there is one thing we can see displayed in the 33 years Jesus was on Earth, it is love. His love is still as strong today as it ever was. And he still draws people to him with that little four-letter word.

Join me at Seek God With Me for today’s look at the loving relationship we can have with God if we’ll take the time to get to know him.

Operation Mad Ball, 1957

Private Hogan has to take his scheming to a new level to make sure the soldiers of an Army surgical hospital in post WWII France get to have their dance. But he must evade Captain Locke – who seems to be out to get him – and win the heart of beautiful nurse Lieutenant Betty Bixby.

Jack Lemmon plays the very sneaky Private Hogan. Lemmon’s first film was It Should Happen to You in 1954. Most people know his work in either Some Like It Hot from 1959 with Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe or The Odd Couple in 1968 with Walter Matthau.

Mickey Rooney is a groovin’, rhymin’, swingin’ Master Sargeant Yancy Skibo. I love Mickey Rooney most of the time anyway. But in this movie, he made me laugh extra hard.

Kathryn Grant is now known as Kathryn Crosby since she was married to Bing Crosby for 20 years. She was able to begin a film career because of her participation in beauty pageants. Her acting wasn’t bad either. She punched Jack Lemmon in the belly in this movie in her role as Lt. Betty Bixby.

Dick York was a very helpful Corporal Bohun. In 1960, he was in Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, and Harry Morgan. He did very few movies, but was in a lot of TV shows. York was Darrin Stephens in Bewitched from 64-69.

Obedient and Submitted

What do you pray for?

Do you ask God for anything and everything you can think of? Some people act like they think that’s what God is there for. Did Jesus tell us we could ask him for anything?

Well, sort of.

Today, my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, is taking a look at asking God for anything. We do stupid things and then ask God to get us out of trouble. Often we hear the phrase, “And I’ll even start going to church from now on if you do this for me.” Bargaining with God is not what Jesus had in mind when he said we could ask him for anything.

Come to Seek God With Me and find out what he meant.

And then come back this weekend and enjoy the review of a movie where some are obedient, some are submitted, and anything is possible.

In Harm's Way by Irene Hannon

This is a story of family lost but not forgotten, a reunion long past due, and a man who hopes he can protect the one he loves. When protection seems out of reach, there is still hope.

Rachel couldn’t have known that her whole life would change the moment she first saw the raggedy doll. Had it been accidentally dropped and lost? Or was it hidden in the icy parking lot on purpose?

Special Agent Nick Bradley saw something in the way Rachel Sutton responded to him and to the doll. She wasn’t the usual attention-craving weirdo coming in off the street with a wild tale. She was normal. Except when she held the doll.

Irene Hannon caught my attention right away with the final installment of the Heroes of Quantico series. This interesting plot with tale-twisting turns was a fun read. Hannon’s believable characters grabbed me and took me along with them on a journey of suspense and love.

Mister Roberts, 1955

This film, starring Henry Fonda, James Cagney, William Powell, and Jack Lemmon, was a fun look at boredom on an unimportant cargo ship in the Pacific during the later years of WWII. Mister Roberts, played by Henry Fonda, would like to get a transfer approved so he could see some action before the war is over. However, his transfer requests are continually being disapproved by Captain Morton, played by James Cagney.

While Mister Roberts tries to keep the crew peaceful by going around his boss or standing up to him, Ensign Pulver, played by Jack Lemmon, always avoids Captain Morton. The crew can’t help but respect Mister Roberts. They want him to get that transfer he’s been wanting for months. When Roberts finally does get the transfer, the men realize the mark he’d left on their hearts.

Jack Lemmon’s work on this film won him a Best Actor Academy Award. He was energetic in a lazy character’s role, which sounds contradictory, but it’s not. Lemmon always brought energy to any role he played. He brought humor, sharp timing, and in the end, he brought the emotion that made the film.

Mister Roberts was William Powell’s last film. I’m a William Powell fan, so it was great to see him finishing his long career with such a fun movie.

The ship’s crew and others in the film included a lot of familiar actors. Martin Milner, of the Adam 12 police-themed TV show, played a Shore Patrol Officer. Betsy Palmer played Lt. Ann Girard in this film, but you might know her as Mrs. Pamela Voorhees (Jason’s mom) in Friday the 13th. John Wayne’s son, Patrick Wayne, played Bookser. Phil Carey played Mannion in this film, and then in the 1980’s began a twenty year stretch playing Asa Buchanan on the soap opera One Life To Live.

Ward Bond played Chief Petty Officer Dowdy in this film, and he was in many other well-known movies without a well-known role. He was in Bringing Up Baby with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, You Can’t Take It With You with James Stewart and Jean Arthur, Gone With the Wind, The Grapes of Wrath, and It’s A Wonderful Life with James Stewart. In fact, he played Bert, the cop on It’s A Wonderful Life, after whom the muppet Bert on Sesame Street is said to have been named.

Obedient and Faith-filled

How many miracles have you done today? Jesus said we could do miracles, but only if we believe in him.

At Seek God With Me today, I’m imagining what it would take for me to do what Jesus did. Come join me and think about how close you’d have to be with God for him to do miracles through you.

And then come back this weekend for a movie review that has a little obedience in it and a lot of craziness.

June Bride, 1948

A New York magazine editor is trapped into working with her old boyfriend after three years of nursing a broken heart. Bette Davis plays Linda Gilman, the editor who must pull out a cover story with or without her writer. Robert Montgomery plays Carey Jackson, the writer who keeps the cover story interesting.

Montgomery did a great job of standing up to Davis in her role as his boss. Her character was strong like a bulldozer and gentle like a…bulldozer. Actually, she did have a couple of moments of sweetness, but as with most of her roles, they were rare moments. lists this movie as Debbie Reynolds’ film debut. Don’t blink. She’s the bride’s girlfriend at the end. I blinked and had to go back and watch the ending again to find her.

Boo, the younger sister of the bride, is played by Betty Lynn. We know her better as Thelma Lou, Barney Fife’s girlfriend from The Andy Griffith Show.

Another familiar face is that of the secretary who recognizes Carey Jackson who’s just come back from overseas. She’s a young Sandra Gould, who later becomes Gladys Kravits on the TV series Bewitched.

Edith Head designed costumes for this film. She did a great job on the Bette Davis dresses. I always look for the name of the costume designer in the credits to see if it’s Edith Head. I just love her work.

Obedient and Humble

Jesus always obeyed his Father, and he was never arrogant. Many of us struggle to accomplish all the things we think God wants us to accomplish. It’s easy for us to get sidetracked because we need a little pat on the back for our efforts. We want to feel appreciated. When we get accolades, it makes us feel better, but is that what we really need?

How do you stay humble when people are wowed by your God-given gifts?

Today at Seek God With Me, I’m looking at ways to change our attitude from “Look what I can do” to a more humble mindset.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for my review of a movie in which sparks fly – and the heroine could learn a few things about humility.