Faithless, 1932

A stubbornly spoiled rich girl, blind to the needs of others, finds herself in need of others after her money runs out. Her fiancĂ© with a job had a great idea, but she didn’t want to live on his income. So she found ways of using her friends and faking her wealthy sameness. When she was humiliated enough to see her own condition, then she found out what her answer to the proposal should have been long ago while she was spoiled.

I didn’t think I’d like this movie. I was wrong. It held my attention, but not because the stars were Robert Montgomery and Talulah Bankhead. This movie is about a man who is stronger than he seems. This kind of man isn’t today’s normal Hollywood hero.

I saw the woman as someone who needed an education and got one. Robert Montgomery was brilliant. I have only seen him in three films, including this one, and he made me want to see him in more movies. The ending brought tears to my eyes. It’s a slap in the face to those who think they have everything figured out.

There isn’t a formula for life. This film shows how essential patience, forgiveness, mercy are in relationships.

Do you know the people you call “important”? Do you love them for the person they are - inside the skin? If you can see who the person is on the inside, let them know your hand is out to them to pull them up out of any difficulties they may face.

This is an important film for those who need to see the mercy of God in the people around them. There isn’t a lot of mention of God, but enough to be reminded that there was a time when movies didn’t use God’s name as an expletive.


Which names come to your mind when you think of strong men?

On my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, I’ve shared the stories of David and Daniel, and now I’m presenting Joshua as one of the strong men who refused to sway with the ebb and flow of the crowd’s consensus. Joshua showed many times that he was an extraordinary man. He was able to show strength when he stepped away from the crowd and did what was right in spite of the other voices around him.

In Exodus 32:17 we read that Joshua wasn’t with the golden calf worshippers, but he thought the people sounded like war. In chapter fourteen of the book of Numbers, we read that Joshua and Caleb were the only two to give a good report about the land flowing with milk and honey; therefore, none of the explorers would return to that land, except Joshua and Caleb. Joshua knew to make up his own mind and follow God.

Join me today and read about the strong men at Seek God WithMe.

The Sound and the Fury, 1959

This is not a Cinderella story, unless you take into consideration that Quentin Compson, the young lady who lives in a house with her awful step-mother, needs saving. There is a hero who saves her, but she can’t see him as a prince. She only sees that he makes her follow rules when she wants freedom. He makes her finish school when she wants to quit. He makes her socialize with nice ladies so she’ll have practice using her manners.

The once-proud Compsons now struggle financially and emotionally under new leadership. They moan for days long gone and don’t see any hope for the future. Quentin grows up under the supervision of the new man of the house, Jason Compson, who isn’t remotely related to her, but lives there with his mother, the girl’s stepmother. Since Quentin’s dad passed away, she’s been taken care of, but now she’s old enough to date and wants more freedom. When she finds herself an admirer, even that is off-limits.

Yul Brynner plays Jason Compson with controlled passion. He just stands in the room, and you see his emotion. He is patient with the uncontrollable young girl. When she finds out why he’s protective of her, that changes everything.

Joanne Woodward did a great job as Quentin Compson, and even though she was pregnant at the time, I never noticed. Jack Warden played Ben Compson, the slow one of the family. His performance added to the drama.

Strong Men: Daniel

This month at Seek God With Me, I’m sharing the stories of strong men. These men had one thing in common. What was their “one thing”? Their relationship with God. Can anyone tell that you want to be with God so much that you set aside time just so you can be alone with God? What are you willing to go through because you want to be with God that much?

Most people have heard about Daniel being thrown into the lions’ den. But few realize that the victory in the lions’ den was won decades earlier when he decided to stand firm in what he believed, whether anyone else believed in his God or not.

Daniel spent many years developing his integrity and faithfulness to God. His ability to accept challenges and rule with wisdom came out of his relationship with God. No one could find anything wrong with Daniel, so they hated him. Call it jealousy. Instead of learning from Daniel and gaining respect, they tried to destroy him. Only fools try to destroy what God builds up.

For more of Daniel’s story, join me at Seek God With Me. Our challenge is different than Daniel’s. We might never see a lions’ den, but we might see people who don’t understand our relationship with God. Check out my devotional blog and receive encouragement from Daniel.

Stronger Than Desire, 1939

How does a man stay patient with a wife when he thinks she may have been unfaithful to him? It takes great strength. Walter Pigeon and Virginia Bruce pair up as husband and wife in this film about a love that takes a beating. The title describes the kind of love that marriages must be built on.  

Pigeon plays Mr. Tyler Flagg, a great lawyer who defends people very well, even beautiful women, while staying faithful to his wife.

When Mrs. Elizabeth Flagg (Virginia Bruce) fell into the trap and set herself up to be an unwitting victim, I was talking to the TV as I watched. I couldn’t believe a woman who seemed to be smart could be so dumb. How many marriages have allowed mistakes to ruin what the couple had built together? How much forgiveness is too much to ask? Then when I saw how she dealt with her conscience later in the film, I realized that although she wasn’t as smart as she looked, she certainly had a heart. I think it was her heart that her husband fell for.  

Strong Men: David

Last month, I shared the stories of strong women. These women weren’t afraid to do whatever was necessary. They were bold, peaceful, generous, diligent, and courageous. They considered their actions and tried to help their community. These descriptions would also work for this month’s topic: strong men.

Today at Seek God With Me, I’m starting off a month of strong men with the story of David. David was famous for his inner strength. He knew what was right and put effort into God-honoring actions.

Join me at my devotional blog to see why David spent time on his “one thing” and built his strength.

Of course, I’m not saying he was perfect. None of us are. But David sets an example of a strong man with a passion for God. Does that make him a hero? You decide.